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What is Privacy Enabled?

A site that helps you better understand how to privacy online by uploading articles and graphics.

Our mission is to teach you why privacy online matters, how you can protect your privacy, and more.

What is Online Privacy? does it matters?

Of course, it matters!

Companies like Google track you everywhere on the web and also physically.

Online Advertising is also not good because it changes prices on e-commerce stores and also manipulates you.

Another example is what do you search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Search engines don’t provide organic results by default, they change the result to their fits.

How I can restore my Online Privacy?

Just by reading our up-to-date articles.

We always upload articles that you need to.

Is Privacy Enabled a subscription/paid service?

Absolutely not!

Our site is up by displaying ads and doing commissions.

We will never create a subscription/paid plan.

Who provides all this?

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Privacy Enabled is owned by Jet Studio Software.

Created and updated by Jonathan from Jet Studio Software.

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