Some people think that Apple really cares about user’s privacy.

But there are some things that you may don’t know.

Apple is exactly like Google, but with a different business model.

So does Apple really care about your privacy?

Let’s get started!


Never trust who has your data.

Apple, like Google, collects information about you.

For example, your telephone number to activate the Apple ID (in some countries).

Like Facebook, Apple may use the telephone number to target you with personalized advertising.

By using Apple devices, by default analytics and crash reports are sent to Apple.

Apple said that they don’t collect personal information, and the collected data are anonymized by default.

These data can be deanonymized in a couple of seconds.

Like Google on Android, iOS has Interest-Based Advertising options and an advertising ID that is activated by default.

When starting using Apple devices without know about that, you are giving consent to Apple and third-parties to access your data when they want.

How much information can collect Apple?

Open your eyes.

Apple collects the same information as Google on Android.

But Apple has a really nice strategy to do it.

When you register an Apple ID, you have 5GB free storage.

But do you know who is behind iCloud services?

Do you know if Apple accesses your data for whatever purpose?

Apple doesn’t use iCloud to collect data.

Also by using an Apple ID, your contacts, settings including wi-fi passwords, system back-ups, e-mails, SMS, call history, and everything is on your iPhone are collected by Apple.

Maybe on Apple Privacy Policy says that they don’t use this data for anything.

But you can’t know if they do or not, a Privacy Policy is just a text.

Do I need to worry about Apple?

Of course!

You don’t know what Apple will do with your data.

Like Google, Apple can use the data to create other services.

More information you give to Apple, more privacy problems you will have.

Apple's Interest-Based Advertising

I personally recommend deactivating Interest-Based Advertising on your Apple device.

To do this do the following steps.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising.

You will see this:

Activate “Limit Ad Tracking” and click “Reset Advertising Identifier…”

Reset the advertising ID several times to guarantee no tracking via the advertising ID.

Then you need to deactivate location-based personalization.

To do this follow the following steps:

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services.

Then, deactivate all Location-Based options.

Another recommendation is to deactivate all analytics and crash reports including iCloud Analytics, Health App Analytics, and all you find there.

To do this follow the following steps:

Go to Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements

Then deactivate all the options you see.

Deactivate GPS

Apple still can use GPS to personalize content, suggestions, and ads via GPS.

By deactivating GPS you will have more privacy, and also better battery life.

If you don’t want to deactivate completely the GPS, then deactivate GPS personalization and apps that don’t need GPS access.


I hope I helped you to understand how Apple collects your data.

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