Most of the advertising networks and companies’ privacy policies have a function called “opt-out” used to opt-out of Interest-Based Advertising of that company.

So we tested that opt-out function provided by those advertising companies and we started seeing changes.

But does opt-out really protect your privacy?

Here is why you should care!

First of all, you need to know what is and what means Interest-Based Advertising.

In short, Interest-Based Advertising also called personalized ads/advertising or personalized content, is an elaboration of collected general collected data about you and your interest to provide and display ads or content that you may like.

Well, that’s what’s advertising companies say… but.

My version is Interest-Based Advertising allows everybody as companies or not to collect everything they can find about you to all purposes they need.

Like, manipulate ads that you see to make you buy the stuff you may or not need.

Like to create other services, exactly like Google.

Google makes a lot of money with YouTube exactly because you can use your Google account with all your data into YouTube.

Advertising companies can also share the data collected with other advertising companies without your content and any advice.

About Tracking

We need to say it.

Tracking is a business model.

With tracking, you can know exactly what people need, or maybe what that single visitor/user needs.

Yeah sound good, doesn’t it?

Well, let’s see.

Tracking right?

Everybody uses Google Analytics to track users and visitors.

And it’s… ok some and some.

But you know Google.

With Google Analytics Remarketing and/or connecting Google Analytics to the Google AdSense account.

Website owners can earn more than 500% of every ad click, impression, or view.

And it’s ok here.

The problem is Google.

Google tracks you everywhere you go, are, hear, watch, and buy.

Google knows everything about you.

And not only Google with its services like GMail and YouTube.

Also Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin tracks your everywhere you go.

But how?

Here is how and why.

Why Advertising companies need your data?

As we said before tracking and stuff like that are a business model.

You may ask yourself why everybody needs data to just provide and display Interest-Based Advertising.

Here is why.

All this is for money. Yeah, money like always.

Advertising companies want your product or service to grow by advertising on sites and other sides where there is a lot of people like YouTube or Facebook.

That’s also because all social networks provide advertising purposes.

By collecting your data whatever personal or not, they can display the perfect ad for you.

Like that, you may click on it and also buy the product.

But why is all this bad?

For your privacy and not only that.

Companies like Amazon also provide Interest-Based Advertising to collect and use data about your interest to manipulate prices.

So you think you win also.

Yes and no.

Because you can easily find the product you need doesn’t mean you need it or the price is better.

Yeah maybe the price is better but maybe it is better if the product you think to buy the price still equals.

Yeah is like that, Amazon can sell you a product with a price more upper than the original price.

So they earn because you buy it and also because they know you.

So why opt-out?

Let’s see.

opt-out is like advertising companies erase all your data and they stop collecting data about you.

Yeah, that’s right.

But are you sure they will do that?

Advertising companies have the excuse that the opt-out cookie or extension didn’t work properly so they just have collected a bit of data about you.

Do you recognise it?

That’s Google.

Also with Facebook.

They paid a lot of money just because of the “fake” opt-out process.

So that’s because everybody started using AdBlockers and privacy extensions.

How to opt-out

The easiest way to opt-out is always log in with your Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

They are the most tracker on the web.

Then remember to never clear/delete cookies on your browser. It doesn’t work anymore.

In your Google account you need to deactivate the option “Interest-Based Advertising.

You can do it by this link.

Then do the same with Microsoft by following this link.

For Facebook, follow this link.

For Twitter, follow this link.

Then you need to opt-out of all advertising companies.

To do it you need to use industry standards privacy controls.

Here are the mains.


Thanks for reading.

I hope we helped to understand what’s mean opt-out and Interest-Based Advertising.

Remember that share is caring.

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That’s all we know for now.

Cheers! 🙂



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