You know that Google tracks you everywhere.

And you also know that Google is on the web and not in real life.

Well, if you think Google can’t track you in the real world, you are definitely wrong.


Well, let’s get started!

Google's partnership with MasterCard & VISA

Because Google is Google, Google is partnered with MasterCard, VISA, and many other credit/debit cards providers.

Google doesn’t need your credit cards numbers or bank account information.

Based on your activities on the web and fisic location, Google can track your payments information and save it in Google’s servers.

Why does Google needs my Payments information?

Google Data Center 1200x600 1

Simple, advertising.

With your payment information, Google can access all the data and payments history.

With all the data collected Google can add more information in your profile to manipulate you with advertising.

Remember that Google is may partnered with Amazon, that means that Amazon by your payment data can give you another price.

Awesome!, right?

What's behind Google Pay and Chrome?

Google Chrome Android Google Pay

Google Pay is a really nice service.

Completely free of cost, with Google Pay like PayPal you can pay securely without getting stoled or scammed.

Nice, huh?

Not really.

When you pair your credit/debit card with your Google Pay you will also enable your payment information to your Google Account.

That’s mean that Google will gain complete access to your bank account that includes your payment history.

You can also choose an alternative like Apple Pay.

Apple Pay doesn’t track your activities, and by default, all the data included general information are encrypted.

The common problem of Apple Pay is that is not always supported and it required an enabled Apple device.

Well explaining Video

The Hated One makes a nice video that explains how Google tracks your offline transactions.

We recommend to see this video, also subscribe to his channel to know how to privacy online and companies’ privacy issues.


Thanks for reading.

I hope I helped you understand how Google tracks your payment information.

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