Does Google collect data from me?

How much data can Google collect from me?

Why Google need my data? And How?

Does Google sell my data to Aliens?

No more questions.

Let’s get started!

It’s easier than you can think.

Everything starts when you download and use Chrome, Google Search, or a Google service like YouTube.

Google rapidly starts to create a virtual profile called profiling.

Google creates a User Data in their servers and starts collecting information like your IP address, ISP, User-Agent, GeoIP, GPS, browsing history, and Cookies.

The big problem of the Google Account

YouTube, Mail by Google, there are a lot of services that of course you at least used one time.

Google services are nice, simple, smart…

Well, what do you expect from Google?

Google collects everything about you directly when you use their service.

For example, your Google Account.

Do you have one? Do you use it?

Well, it’s time you consider that your Google Account is like Google User Data Wallet.

With your Google Account, Google can transfer all your data to their servers.

Data like your photos, videos, locations, device IDs, references, contacts, call history, and all you have in your Google-enabled device.

Why does Google need all this data?

The business you know :v

Google is Google.

They do, change, like they want and like.

With User Data they can build the biggest word wall, and you are in!

Google with User Data can create targeted ads campaigns, for example, personalize the ads you see.

Also generally targeted content like YouTube or Google Search personalization, and create more service that you will just like as is.

More about Google Search personalization

You really need to be careful with Google Search.

I don’t use it for like 1 or 2 years.

How I do my search?

With DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo is the best search engine ever created.

Simple, strong privacy policy, and too competitive with other search engines.

In my opinion, I really prefer DuckDuckGo just because of its differences.

For example, when you search for something you will see 100% organic data and not personalized or manipulated.

Another example is that the result contains the layout not as Google does here:

The first result you see is ads.

As you can see there are been three ads, that hide most of the visible screen.

Like that the “organic” search result is mostly hidden by Google.

And see the big differences with DuckDuckGo:

Like Google, DuckDuckGo shows some quick information on the sidebar.

There is only one non targeted ad.

So, in short, it is just clean!

Google and User Data

Google can do a lot of things with User Data.

Let’s see somes of them!

Does Google sell my data?

Yes and no.

Google can’t sell your data.

Not because of laws, but because is not a big deal.

But they may share the User Data with other companies that do the same as Facebook, Twitter, , Amazon, Linkedin, Reddit, Quora…

Advertising and Manipulation

Google can also manipulate the ads you see trying to manipulate you.

Thay call it Interest-Based Advertising or simply personalization.

Google’s personalization is more expensive than you can think.

Yeah, they may give you 4 months of free Netflix but they will steal you by serving ads that the cost is more expensive and that is only an example.

And it works.

Remember that Google made some billions.

How to stay away from all this

To stay away from all this you need to hide your IP address, and opt-out of all those advertising companies.

Remember that 100% anonymity is impossible, unfortunately.



Hope all this information helped you to better understand how Google works with User Data.

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