Is Android spying on me?

Is Android secure and safe for my personal data?

Well, Android is really complicated.

Android permission, data encryptation… but Google?

Let’s get stated!

Since long ago, Google started use Android to install default apps called Google Apps.

The Google Apps include Google Search, Chrome, GMail, Google Play Store, Google Play Services…

A huge stuff by Google.

By default those apps are enabled in your Android device.

When you buy a Android device it ask you a couple of things that are connected to Google.

For example, sing in or sing up to a Google Account.

Also for better user expierence, you will see that the GPS settings are enabled by default.


Timeline example

Google trough GPS track you every time, everywhere, and doesn’t matter if no internet connection is available.

Google store geolocation data to personalize advertisiment, and content.

Also to manipulate Google Search with the targeted results, track your offline purchases, and hide organic results by showing you their services or local services that pays Google.

Even if you turn off GPS, Google still tracks you, for example, with the IP address and GeoIP, with are not accurate like GPS.

Google massive data collection via Android

Google collect, process, and store several types of information.

Google collect not limited to:

  • Calls (including full contact information, call history, time and more).
  • SMS (may including full-text information).
  • GPS (GPS locations, history, and more).
  • Network information and settings (like Bluetooth settings, IP address, and more).
  • Movement and health information (like how much do you run every day and other movements information).
  • Apps data (like how many apps do you have installed, with use you more, preferences, and data).
  • Voice (for example, voice registration through the use of Google services, for example, Google Assistant, Google Home, or voice to text).
  • Phone number
  • device IDs (for example, IMEI, or model).

Google keeps all these data indefinitely.

Behavioral information

Google thought the website you visit, track exactly how much time do you see an image, text, and other behavioral information about your online activity.

Stored in your Google Account.

Android encryption

Google has implemented the encryption of your Android device.

But remember that Google is Google.

I don’t really trust this encryption.

Google may be made this encryption vulnerable to NSA and other government forces.

Facebook apps included in many Android devices

I have seen that popular apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were pre-installed in Android devices.

Sometimes those apps are impossible to uninstall.

On certain Samsung devices, the Facebook app can’t be deleted.

But why all this?

Well, you know.

Facebook is exactly like Google.

Facebook tries to steal everything you give access to.

For example, to find your friends on Facebook, by giving the permission to the contacts, Facebook will find your friends online.

But not only for that, Facebook will use your Phone number and contacts information to undertstand who you know and maybe who are your friends in real life.

Advertising IDs

By default, Android generates an ID for advertising purposes called Advertising ID.

Google stores this ID to identify you.

And track more information to link it with the advertising ID.

This ID can be also linked to other devices that use the same Google Account.

We highly recommend deactivating Interest-Based Advertising to disable the Advertising ID.

I also highly recommend resetting the advertising ID several times from time to time.


All this information is used for all Google, Facebook, and its partners what to do.

Nobody knows what all those companies want to do.

With data and people that don’t know or don’t worry about privacy, Google is creating the internet.

The internet with their rules, their access, and their agreements.

Don't trust Google

Don’t trust Google with your data.

Don’t trust anyone with your data.

You don’t know what Google will do with your data.

Collection is always hinger.


I hope I helped you to understand what’s behind Android.

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That’s all I know.


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