When surfing on the net you always see a banner that warns you about the use of cookies.

Cookies are not “cookies” on your browser.

Cookies already are tracking you, and they also can be used for other things.

In this article, I’m gonna explain why should you care about cookies.

Let’s get started!

Cookies are small files that are stored in your local storage.

Nowadays cookies are used by all websites there is no escape.

When you visit a website, that website serves and stores cookies in local storage provided by your browser.

Now there are two types of cookies.

First and third-party cookies.

First-Party are the cookies that this website provides, usually for functionality purposes.

For example, websites that use PHP store a cookie called “PHPSESSID”.

Third-Party cookies are the bad ones for your privacy.

Those cookies are cookies served by third-party websites.

For example, an embedded YouTube video on a website, by default Google store cookies to track visits and advertising purposes.

How cookies are mostly used

Cookies are mostly used for advertising and measurement purposes.

Advertisers make use of cookies to track their campaigns and to serve targeted advertising.

A good example is the DoubleClick Dart cookie.

DoubleClick owned by Google, track your online activity to personalize advertising and content.

DoubleClick is used by websites that use Google services like Google AdSense for monetization or Google Analytics to measure traffic.

Embedded content also makes use of cookies to work properly.

For example, YouTube embedded videos on websites.

As YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube will make use of cookies.

And because YouTube monetizes its content with Google AdSense, a DoubleClick Dart cookie will be stored in your browser.

Google, DoubleClick, and Google cookies usage

As said before, Google tracks you everywhere, mostly via the DoubleClick Dart Cookie.

It doesn’t matter if you clear cookies.

Google will use your Advertising ID, unique IDs, or simply, your Google Account.

Google cookie usage is crazy.

Nowadays all websites monetize with Google AdSense.

You still can block ads with adblocking software like uBlock Origin, but Google with other ways will track you.

The real purposes of cookie usage

Cookie was not used for all that.

The real purpose of the cookie was to save user preferences and settings.

For example, save your account information, or language settings.

If you block all cookies some sites will not work properly or at all.

A good idea is block third-party cookies, websites will work properly.

Cookies used as online identification

If you think advertising IDs and IMEI identification is good for advertising.

Well, you know.

Cookies are also used as identification, exactly like an ID.

In short, an ID is mostly a unique text that identifies you.

Like that, advertising can track your online activity better, and also third-party use this ID to track you more.

Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, PlayStation, and other companies use a unique ID that is used for all personalization and advertising purposes.

This ID can be disabled by disabling it, or by limiting ad tracking as seen on Apple devices.

Also on Google Android devices, and Sony PlayStation consoles!

That’s crazy!

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What if you don't have a Facebook Account?

Ok, you never registered a Facebook account, never used a Facebook service, and never used Facebook’s owned companies like Instagram.

Facebook with cookies, can creates a Facebook shadow account.

A shadow account is a “data pool” account that is related to your online activity.

Facebook like Google tracks you everywhere.

Facebook may sell the data to third-parties like Google to better understand your interest, and for other purposes.

That’s because we highly recommend to delete your Facebook account, not use any Facebook services, block third-party cookies that include Facebook cookies, and block Facebook Web Beacons and scripts.


I hope I helped you to better understand what are cookies and how they are used.

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That’s all I know.


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